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GEMS Cambridge International School Nairobi Universities and Careers Boot Camp



Choosing the right country as well as the right university for studying abroad can be a daunting task. With so many institutions, so many countries and so many different courses on offer worldwide, making the right choice can be difficult.


At GEMS CIN our staff and students were honoured this past week to have the presence of Dr Kierstan Connors Associate Director GEMS Global College Counselling, founder and director of several Career Counselling ventures worldwide to support our Careers and College Counselling programme to run a three days training session to prepare students for life after school.


Together with their Keys Stage team leaders, Key stage tutors and mentors, our own college counsellor and myself, all students from 10 to year 13 students were involved in a two 

day boot camp to understand the strategy and relationship between all they undertake at school and getting into the right course at university or college and ultimately into a career that suits their personality and aptitudes and ambition.


Students learned that EVERYTHING done in school for the four years of education at KS4 and 5 are reported for university entrance.  They learned about what universities are looking for when accepting prospective students:  academics, extracurricular, community service, family and philosophy of life.  They also learned that in all applications students had to answer the questions: ‘who are you?  and ‘why this college/course’ and even practised interview techniques!


It was an intensive training.  Students were in session from 8-4.30 for two days and

were guided on: College entrance requirements; how to connect what they do in school to their University admission/future career; writing personal statements and resumes; standardized test preps; scholarships; summer programmes worldwide and psychometric testing to enable them to understand their strengths and weaknesses. 


The goal for this Bootcamp was to help aspiring GEMS students choose their career and education path by placing them in reputable universities and colleges across the world as well as to ease admission process.


Dr Connors also trained all secondary teaching staff on the university application process and also held three parent consultations each evening.


The work started at the Bootcamp will be followed up in PSHE lessons by pastoral teams to ensure that all students are strategic in their choices of subjects, extracurricular activities and prepare and plan well to ensure that all students find a best fit university.  We look forward to welcoming Dr Connors back later in the year and we expect that we will be running a Bootcamp every year!