Parent Partnership

Join your child's learning journey

Research has shown the importance of parent partnerships and parental engagement in the success of your child’s education. We want the best for your child, and by working in partnership we can successfully enrich your child’s journey through GEMS Cambridge International School, Nairobi.

Regular communication

Regular communication is the foundation of our partnership approach. We keep all parents regularly updated about the progress of their child with written reports and a programme of consultation evenings. Parents are welcome to discuss their child’s development and upcoming school activities, as well as any concerns they may have by making an appointment with a teacher or the principal of the GEMS Cambridge International School, Nairobi.

Parental Partnership

We welcome engagement from GEMS Cambridge International School, Nairobi parents and offer a host of opportunities for parents and care givers to get involved in school life. From picking up rubbish to planting new trees, there is always a rewarding way you can work with your child to improve the school environment and develop a sense of community between teachers, parents and students.

Our 3-a-day Parental Engagement approach

International research highlights the role Parental engagement plays in student achievement. As part of our ongoing drive to encourage and support parental involvement in all GEMS schools, we have produced the 3-a-day mobile app. This app feeds busy parents with learning-focused ideas they can enjoy with their children.

The app is based on simple, actionable advice from our teachers and counsellors, and is arranged into three categories: something to talk about; an activity to share; and guidance to encourage children.

Parents of children at the GEMS Cambridge International School can download our 3-a-day app for free from the App Store or Google Play