Outstanding Success

Kimberly is set for a bright future

My name is Kimberley Kudwoli,a graduate of A Levels from GEMS Cambridge School Nairobi in the Year 2015.

My results were outstanding: Psychology - A*, Biology - A, Chemistry - A. I recently finished my university application process last month with the help of the career counselor; Ms. Kanja to whom I am greatly indebted. I got acceptance into New York University(NYU), University of British Columbia (UBC), Minerva Schools at KGI, Leeds university, University of Edinburgh and the University of Sussex!

I finally decided to go with Minerva Schools at KGI since it fits the most with what I would like to do and had the best scholarship offer.

 I was mostly focused on applying to universities in the U.S. mainly because of the structure of the psychology courses (which is what I plan on studying) as well as the availability of the option to study psychology both as an art and as a science.

 In terms of applying to universities especially in the U.S., for those interested, this is a long and intensive process. I would advise students to start doing their research at least two years before they're expected to go to University.

But Why two years?

When you are applying to university, there are a lot of things you have to consider such as:

-the course you want to study and what faculty it falls into.

-where you want to study

-what type of university you want to go to (do you want a research based university?)

- What class sizes are you comfortable with (small classes are usually more student centered)

- What climate are you comfortable with

- are you interested in study abroad programmes?

- do they have a focus on sports, if that's what you're interested in

- would you require financial aid and if so which universities offer good packages?

 In addition to the questions above, one of the most important and time consuming issues is the application requirements. Most U.S. universities require SATs and subject SATs on top of your A Level grades. This entails one taking the SATs which require a lot revision for a good score.

 Moreover, most of the universities use the Common Application as a portal for students to apply. This is where your personal statements where sometimes an essay or two are required ( as a means of the universities getting to know you personally) and teacher recommendations come into play.

 Additionally, university applications give you a taste of what it's like to apply for jobs and internships and teach you how to present yourself.

 My last piece of advice would be to seek help where you can get it,as well as opportunity. Not to dismiss any university as well as advice from your teachers.

 Three things needed to get admitted to a good University: good grades, work experience and proof of having done some community service.


Kimberly Kudwoli